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E.S.C.A.P.E. PATH: A new version of the ancient meditation tool, a finger labyrinth

Welcome to our new finger labyrinth, relaxation product design and website!  With the development of the E.S.C.A.P.E. PATH™ website I have been debating what to blog.  Somewhat nervous and anxious since blogging is brand new to me.  Will I have any followers?  Will what I write be of interest to anyone?  Through my indecision I made a decision not to blog.  I found with the use of meditation, becoming more centered with using E.S.C.A.P.E.  PATH™ with its positive prompts, it finally became clear what approach I would take to my very first blog:  A tribute to my Mom!

I grew up in an atypical Italian family in the early 1960’s.  Mom was always a strong, independent woman, Dad always working hard and their relationship appeared solid and unshakeable.  Both parents worked and very unusual for that generation was that my father cooked our meals since he got home from work before Mom.  He cleaned and helped a lot around the house.  There was no display of affection in this Italian family!  Loved as a child?  I guess, sometimes left to wonder.  I had strong vibes they did but the words were never spoken.  Both parents were always present and active in my life and making sure that I was well behaved!  Yelling? Yes!  Spoke my mind?  Yes!  Disciplined?  Yes!  I was well fed, dressed nicely, had a comfortable life and never really wanted for much.  It was understood that life was about family relationships.  My parents, both products of a childhood from the beloved South Philadelphia, brought most of my extended family to live on the same street in Northeast Philly. We did make frequent visits to our many relatives who remained in South Philly.  Today, these are some of my most pleasant memories! Were my parents supportive?  Encouraging?  Not so much!  There was a tendency to lean on the negative side.  Don’t try anything new because you may fail.  Don't rock the boat.  Their fears and anxieties were passed along to the next generation:  ME.  Want to see my therapy bills?  Despite it all, I did know they were proud of me, but the words and display of affection were never shown.

So here I am in my 6th decade, observing my independent mother, become mellow as she settles into her dementia, freeing her to say things I have never heard.  “You look pretty today Mar.”  WHAT, a compliment, something positive to say?  At times I find her gazing at me in a loving way that is unfamiliar to our relationship, yet so refreshing since the barriers and filters are being left behind. Who took my mother??  Or is this the person she so wanted to be, but didn’t know how to?

It is because of my history of learning to deal with anxiety, push through this strong family trait, which has brought me to my journey of the E.S.C.A.P.E. PATH™ finger labyrinth design.

I believe in the power of this unique design and I have never been more certain.  I sat with my mother having her trace the path, she paused and said: “Where did you get this?   I designed it Mom.  Really?  Shaking her head continuing to trace the path.This is nice for someone like me who doesn’t have much to do all day and is anxious and tends to be nervous a lot!”

BINGO!  Mom you get it!   I hope you find peace using E.S.C. A.P.E.  PATH™. 

Thanks for the compliment.  It was worth the wait.

Let’s continue to move forward and ease some anxiety and worry in the future generations, not waiting so long along the path to find our way….

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