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Mrs. Dana Daniels, RN,CSN,MEd~~Certified School Nurse,Sol Feinstone, Newtown, PA

"In the school setting, I often assist students who experience worry.  The worry may be related to home situations(divorce, grieving, sibling conflict) or to school situations(interpersonal conflict, bullying, test/academic concern).  I have found Escape Path to be effective by redirecting students' focus.

The Escape Path Finger Labyrinth stimulates several body senses, and this contributes to its effectiveness.  There is the 'tactile' benefit of tracing the labyrinth path with the finger.  There is the 'visual' benefit of viewing a calming environmental scene under the labyrinth path.  And, lastly, there is the 'encouraging' benefit of reading the affirming statements.  I feel the non-medicinal, non-hypnotic, refocusing benefits of this tool simply cannot be underestimated!"

Ms. Julia Ofrichter, LCSW ~~ Pittsburgh, PA

"Working with adults with severe and persistent mental illness can be especially challenging when anxiety is elevated during a session.  Escape Path is an excellent tool not only for meditation, but also for reducing anxiety and increasing focus for clients while in session.  I've noticed that having something to focus on, that also involves physical touch, has been beneficial for some of my clients in maintaining engagement in session."

Janet Person ~~ Macungie, PA 

"I love my Escape Path!  It should be a necessity in each home and also in healthcare facilities and senior living.  It is a natural anti-anxiety and stress reliever that helps you mentally, physically and spiritually.  I had a problem with sleeping until I discovered the relaxation after putting away all my technology toys and using my Escape Path with all its majestic, serene pictures which are interchangeable.  Honestly, it works!!"

College Student, Penn State

"As a college student, there are countless feelings and emotions I need to deal with regularly just to get through the day.  Whether it's needing to gain the energy to start my day, getting my nerves out before a test or quiz, or building motivation to finish my last couple of hours of homework before bed, I can always rely on my E.S.C.A.P.E. PATH.  In just 10 minutes with E.S.C.A.P.E. PATH, my state of mind transforms from tired to energized, nervous to confident, and lazy to inspired.  I am confident that E.S.C.A.P.E. PATH can benefit not just any college student, but anyone who feels like there aren't enough hours in a day and simply needs that extra boost to get through the day."

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