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Full Moon Walk at Michener Museum Labyrinth

Since my recent training in facilitating labyrinth walks I have been busy spreading the word about labyrinths and having a great time meeting new people from all walks of life sharing our passions.  
It is so energizing to meet others along the path, as we enrich each other’s lives!

A recent experience I had the honor to share with a new friend, Connie Fenty, was to co-facilitate a community labyrinth walk at the Doylestown Michener Museum. Connie, was the onsite consultant for this labyrinth which was built in 2012.  The Museum sponsors labyrinth walks throughout the year and  it was quite a night on September 24, 2018 as we hosted a Full Moon (Harvest Moon) community walk!  It was a cloudy night, no sight of the moon, but that didn't stop us!  The labyrinth was lit up with tea lights, a few latterns and pink spot lights as Doylestown was preparing to launch "Pine2Pink", a foundation to benefit local breast cancer patients in treatment and recovery.  The labyrinth was full of positive energy and a true sense of community as folks of all ages, from all walks of life joined together this crisp, Fall evening.  As we walked the labyrinth, we enjoyed the Native American flute music so beautifully played by Jack Darnell.  Thank you to those of you who were able to share this evening with us! 

It is not always possible to walk a labyrinth, but a finger labyrinth, like E.S.C.A.P.E. PATH can provide you with many of the same benefits!  You can use it at home, in the office and even on the road.  To learn more visit our website at  Great gift idea for yourself or someone you love.

FYI:  In addition to facilitating labyrinth walks and creating new labyrinths, Connie is co-founder of Sacred Steps Journeys and enjoys leading tours throughout Europe. Her programs are full of experiential activities and inspiring content.  For more information about Connie visit  If you are interested in a small group tour of Ireland to visit ancient and sacred sites email Connie at


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