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Self Discovery By Way of the Labyrinth

It is through life struggles that we are able to find our way.   Oh, how I hoped this was true! A few short years ago I was challenged with getting ready to send my only child off to college, trying to support my mother’s independence, although realizing she would require more attention in the near future and at a crossroads in my nursing career.  It came to a point where I definitely needed some assistance getting through all this. I tried to deal with everything on my own, but realized one very difficult, sleepless night that a good psychiatrist, low...

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E.S.C.A.P.E. PATH: A new version of the ancient meditation tool, a finger labyrinth

Welcome to our new finger labyrinth, relaxation product design and website!  With the development of the E.S.C.A.P.E. PATH™ website I have been debating what to blog.  Somewhat nervous and anxious since blogging is brand new to me.  Will I have any followers?  Will what I write be of interest to anyone?  Through my indecision I made a decision not to blog.  I found with the use of meditation, becoming more centered with using E.S.C.A.P.E.  PATH™ with its positive prompts, it finally became clear what approach I would take to my very first blog:  A tribute to my Mom! I grew...

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The Top 8 Benefits of Relaxation/Meditation

—•  Inhibits  the stress response, activates the calming response.     Studies show that serotonin blood levels increase with regular meditation. —•  Sharpens alertness, ability to focus, increase attention span and awareness of surroundings. —•  Strengthens emotional stability, reduces reactions under stress, decreases anxiety and depression —•  Enhances physical health, decreases BP, improves memory, strengthens immune system ——•  Allows us worry less and feel more grounded ——•  Increased ability to empathize and be compassionate ——•  Provides a renewed outlook, pleasant feelings and a deeper appreciation for life ——•  Balance of left / right side of brain

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